Meet Jimmy and Mark

​Jimmy Elgart is part CPA, part bard, part Ray Kroc protegee, all Boston.  He's built his career helping entrepreneurs navigate their financial challenges through an equal mix of  know-how and a whole bag of trick.  If your financial house needs some attention, Jimmy can help.  If anything else needs some work, well he probably knows a guy who fix that as well.

Mark Werling is part CPA, part Wolf, part Silicon Valley. He's built his career stepping into messy situations like the Harvey Keitel character Winston Wolf in "Pulp Fiction" - solving problems - problems of every size, shape, and dysfunction. If you have a tricky problem that has a consistent track record of failed attempts, give it to Mark. If you want something that works from the beginning, Mark can do that too. 

Self-serving blog

​Since Google requires every website to have a blog to drive traffic, here is ours. The fact that you will will want to call us immediately after reading it is just by-product for us both (thank you Google for the happy match-making!).



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We've all seen it.  An entrepreneurial venture gains a bit of steam and then brings in the ‘accounting people’.  More often than not, it is a sure signal that something is about to change.  And usually not for the better. 


The next step is typically compartmentalization and ass-covering, followed closely by a loss of the focus and energy that created the momentum in the first place.


MarathonCFO knows this drill and how to avoid it.  We are an on-demand, outsourced CFO solution purposely built to allow entrepreneurs to achieve a superior level of financial control and insight without changing the creative culture.  We are entrepreneurs, not semi-retired CFO’s.  We've built our business on the notion that maintaining your flexibility and ability to react quickly to new opportunities and challenges is the most important value we can provide.

When it was time for their next career 'bets', Jim and Mark chose to bet on themselves and have never looked back.


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