Accounting & Finance

While we respect our Ex-Investment Banker colleagues, we believe they are better suited to be CFOs of General Electric, not your entrepreneurial venture. 


Our Principals are CPAs, and much of their early business education came from working as actual accountants. CFO professionals without accounting backgrounds may be skilled in analyzing financial statements in their final form, but lack the foundation in debits and credits to actually setup and review the integrity and accuracy of the overall system that produces those statements.


Our clients' creditors, investors, and potential buyers appreciate that they took the care to select a CFO professional with knowledge of how your accounting system works in its entirety. 


More importantly, our clients get the assurance that their raw data record keeping is properly categorized and meets the standards of a world-class controller and CPA.  They also know that we understand their world and have their backs.  And when you are trying to build a business, that is no small thing.

GAAP -Based Financials

Deliver financial statements that your bankers and investors will love

Excel Modeling

Complete the loop by linking and downloading your real-time accounting numbers into your operating model


Gain the discipline to measure and track your progress towards winning